Measuring energy levels of two groups with the Bio-Well

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Measuring energy levels of two groups with the Bio-Well

Postby Korotkov » 23 Mar 2017, 18:43

Comparative analysis of the results of measuring energy levels of two groups with the Bio-Well

During spring 2017 the KOROTKOV company and the GDVPLANET store took part in two very different exhibitions. The first one was devoted to various accessories for meditation practices. Therefore, the majority of visitors of this exhibition were people who practice meditation.
The second exhibition was dedicated to industry and innovations. Most of visitors of this exhibition were somehow engaged in industrial business and industry.

During each of the exhibitions we have conducted GDV-diagnostics of about 30 people. In the presented report we have published about eight or nine average GDV-diagnostics results of visitors of both exhibitions.

As we can see from the comparative images, people who practice meditation have much better health status and energy reserve indicators. Emotional pressure of almost all participants does not exceed the optimal level, and the state of their chakras is more balanced and energetically filled.
We see a rather different situation from the GDV-grams of the participants of the industrial exhibition. Health status indicators are lower, the average level of emotional pressure is in the anxiety and stress area, the energy reserves of almost all participants are at the beginning of the optimum area, and the chakras are unbalanced.
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