Mac doesn't see my Bio-Well device - SOLUTION

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Mac doesn't see my Bio-Well device - SOLUTION

Postby Dmitry_Orlov » 02 Feb 2018, 15:45

Guide for Mac Users who experience problems with Bio-Well device - "Unable to find your Bio-Well device" error.

During first installation of the Bio-Well software on a Mac computer User is prompted for an Admin password.
This prompt is connected with installation of a correct USB driver that will allow a Mac computer to work normally with the Bio-Well device.
If User will not enter correct Admin password (leaving the field blank) or will enter incorrect Admin password - unfortunately Mac OS will not inform User about that and will proceed like everything is fine.
Such behaviour of Mac OS is making the life much more complicated as you never know if you have entered a correct Admin password or you did a mistake.
So if you see this error - "Unable to find your Bio-Well device", but at the same moment you can find the "GDV Camera" listed in the system info - it means that your password was incorrectly entered and USB FTDI driver was not installed properly.

In order to fix this situation you can do the following:
1. Find out your correct Admin password.
1.1. Open the Terminal program and enter the following command:

sudo ls

This command is for listing the folders on the local driver, but as soon as you are using "sudo" you will be prompted for an Admin password in the Terminal.
You will have 3 tries to enter the password and in this case if you enter incorrect password Terminal will inform you about that.
Repeat this process as many times as needed until you recall your Admin password.

1.2. If you are unable to recall it - try to reset your Admin password. This procedure is different in different versions of Mac OS. But you can ask Google about that and follow the steps.

2. Once your Admin password is reset or you have recalled it you can do the driver operation by typing the following command in the Terminal and click Enter:

sudo kextunload -bundle-id

3. Delete Bio-Well software from the computer and install it once again.
Now everything should work fine!
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