Bio-Well Workshop, Level 1, Next Generation

Bio-Well Workshop, Level 1, Next Generation

Postby Korotkov » 23 Mar 2017, 18:20

Hello and welcome to Bio-Well Workshop, finished by certificate 1st level.
The closest workshop will be held in Prague with online participation, the 25th-27th March 2017.

The course will introduce the main principles of working with the Bio-Well device and the Bio-Well software, as well as basic step-by-step methods of interpretation of the obtained data. On completing the training every participant will obtain a basic level Bio-Well Specialist Certificate.

The course will last for three days. The actual training will be conducted during first two days and will embrace the classical program of GDV workshops. The third day was added to the program in response to the opinion expressed by many participants of previous GDV workshops, who felt that on completing a standard two-day theoretical training they still lacked practice in using the GDVCAMERA.

That's why we have modified the program and added the third day as a free bonus, so that the participants will have a chance to gain more experience in working with the Bio-Well equipment under the supervision of the lecturer. This will provide them with a unique opportunity to apply the newly gained knowledge in practice, to ensure that they are using the Bio-Well device in a correct way and to gain self-confidence in working with the GDV technology. Also, during the third day more attention will be paid to working with the Bio-Well accessories (the Sputnik, the Water electrode, the Biocor and the Bioclip).

It is possible to participate either in person or online. The cost of in-person or online participation is 395€. The workshop will be conducted in English.

If you are interested in participation, please contact us: SEMINAR@IUMAB.ORG
More info: ... l-l1-2017/
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